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About MIDI...

Welcome to my MIDI and Music page! I would like to introduce to you my favorite sequences, most of which I made myself. Most of these sequences are for known singers and bands. I did not include yet any of my personal compositions... I am thinking about copyrighting them first...

If you have any upbuilding comments, please don't hesitate to e-mail me!

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Musical Equiment and Gear...

Nice of you to be interested about the equipment that I use to play music and compose my MIDI files. It includes the following:

bullet A Korg PA80 keyboard: My latest after the Korg M1. Check it at the Korg PA-80 official site!
bullet A GeneralMusic CD1 Oriental: Good as a backup for the M1 for live playing, occidental and Arabic music!
bullet An IBM PC compatile Pentium.III.. equipped with a Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1 coupled with 8 MB RAM: Not bad at all to build up General MIDI files...
bullet A LEM Mixer (powerless) with DSP effects: Great for a small home studio. Powered by my Kenwood stereo...
bullet A Lyon-Washburn electric guitar
bullet A Yamaha spanish guitar

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Musical Software...

My favorite musical software includes:

bullet CakeWalk Home Studio 2002 - One of the most know sequencers
bullet Band-In-A-Box 2004: An awesome automatic accompaniement cum sequencer, which speeds up the generation of MIDI files, also from PGMusic Inc.
bullet FruityLoops: FL Studio 4 for the best looped sequences!

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Some of my MIDI files to download

Song Name Artist File
**And I Love Her The Beatles ANDILOVE.MID
Apache The Shadows APACGM.MID
Dust In The Wind Kansas DUSTWMEL.MID
F.B.I. The Shadows FBI.MID
**From A Distance Bette Midler FROMADIS.MID
Aiza El Radd (I Need The Answer - Arabic) Nawal El-Zoghbi LEHKUL.MID
Magic Fly Space MAGICFLY.MID
*Moghram Ya Leil (Arabic) Ragheb Alameh MOGHRAM.MID
Oxygene 8 Jean-Michel Jarre OXYGENE8.MID
Temple Of The King Rainbow TEMPLEK.MID
**What's Up? Four Non-Blondes WHATSUP.MID

The files marked by (*) were not sequenced by myself, but they are quite well-done! Thanks for the makers...

The files marked by (**) are SoftKaraoke compatible.

To save the MIDI file to your hard disk, you can SHIFT-Click it... or use your browser's way of doing it! :-)

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Musical Collection

L. J. Karam and S. J. Karam, "Into Your Heart", a collection of eight songs, available in the Library of Congress (Washington, DC), Copyright 1993 by Lina J. Karam and Salim J. Karam.
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Salim J. Karam ( connector@sjkaram.com ) - Updated on January 9, 2004